Pizza Showdown

Coming up on July 25th, Pittsburgh will see a ‘pizza dojo’ contest between Pizza Boat and Bread and Salt. The event will be hosted at the Strip District’s Bar Marco. Pizza Boat is a food truck that is equipped with a wood-fired oven. Bread and Salt is a bakery.

Jeff Ryan, owner of Pizza Boat says the dojo was originally intended as a friendly competition to drum up business. But after some comments by Bread and Salt owner, Rick Easton, the competition is taking on a more serious tone.

The two have battled before, with each claiming victory. This led to the rematch. The fight is more about two different philosophies around pizza.

Easton claims to be a pizza ‘fundamentalist’. He says that good pizza is all about the dough. His focus is on more traditional pies.

Ryan finds Easton’s pizza dealings to be ‘boring’.

Bobby Fry, owner of Bar Marco, says, “It’s old school versus new school and they were here the other night making fun of each other’s starters.”

The event is slated to begin at 6PM in the almost completed beer garden of Bar Marco. There is no formal judging process.

Posted on July 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM