Pizza Tech Thursday:Motorbike Cuts Pizza

Though you can't really ride this motorbike, it will surely give you a slice that you can't refuse - pizza. 

Yes, the photo you see up there is actually a pizza cutter that was made to slice pizza in style. Let your biker friends envy you with this gadget as it cuts through dough with its sharp stainless steel blade in front, which also means no rusts! 

Buy it online at Ebay or at Gennie Gift Gadget. 

Not so much a macho way to slice but this 22 cms novelty item is a good buy, considering its steel blade is 6.5 cm and its dishwasher safe! 

Check out other 2-wheel vehicle slicers:

This is actually more of a scooter than a motorbike but at least its close enough! 

Made of spoons, shades and a cutter - a motorbike inspired cutter made out of kitchen ware, made by papafork.

This PZT-2 penny farthing shaped pizza cutter is for sale for only $16.99.

Another scooter cutter but this time it has two blades for optimum cutting! This Vespa cutter is the only pizza cutter in the world with a kickstand! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on June 27, 2013 at 9:00 AM