Pizza 'Theater' Concept

The 1200 square foot Domino’s Pizza opened near the University of Arizona has a new design. It’s called ‘pizza theater’.

With the open floor plan concept, customers can see the entire pizza making process. In addition, customers can electronically track their to-go orders. The renovations necessary to bring this new concept to life cost approximately $400,000 to transform this location which was once a Sparkle Cleaners.

Over the next three years, the plan is to use this design concept in Domino’s across the United States.

Franchise owner Tareq Hishmeh says “The entire look and feel is more open and more inviting, and better lit. The last time Domino’s Pizza had a new image was in the early 90s’, and the stores that haven’t been updated need that love.”

Hishmeh owns all 22 Domino’s stores in Tucson. He added, “The new design shows off what we’re most proud of – our employees.”  The new store has 25 full time and part time employees.

Team Arizona Pizza, Inc is the Tucson franchise company. They are hoping to hire an additional 50 pizza delivery drivers. These positions are throughout all the stores in Tucson. On an average, delivery drivers in the Tucson area earn $15 to $18 per hour. This includes mileage and tips.



Posted on April 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM