Pizza Villa Commemorates its Silver Anniversary

Before Pizza Villa, Florida is a virtual unknown in the pizza business. More of it is attributed in New York.

Owner Danny Leporino then came and probably only remembered one reason why it is an unpopular business. It’s the water. It has been 25 years that he has been disproving this myth as he prepares for Pizza Villa’s 25 years of making pizza in Hernando County.

Growing up in a family that owns restaurant in Long Island Danny knows how to make pizza. Bringing with him the recipes that his grandfather used to make, he and wife Angela started out and opened their first location on State Road 50 serving pizzas, subs and salads. Since then they haven’t stopped or even slowed down even when they relocated to the Coastal Shopping Center. They even added some food on the menu with Italian classics.

Pizza Villa’s attractive cozy ambiance and its delicious pizzas became so well liked its popularity made it open a second location on Spring Hill Drive in 2001. Both locations offer great views of the coast which attract even more customers to flock in. It made Danny and Angela bounce around managing two restaurants and attending to their twins’ school activities and extending dependability with their very loyal staff which they also made a part of their family.

In celebration of its 25 years in serving pizzas to Hernando County, Pizza Villa will hold special offers on both locations starting Monday, August 26 up until September 1. Draws for prizes like game tickets, t-shirts and gift cards are up for grabs during the week long celebration.

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 26, 2013 at 10:00 AM