Anyone looking to get a pizza in late evening / early morning hours may struggle to find a store that is open and delivers. PizzaTheApp looks to solve that issue for customers.

The app has a simple premise. Open the mobile app or the website and create the large pizza of your choice. Topping options are limited: pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, green peppers and olives. Input your delivery and credit card info. The app then uses an algorithm to determine which of the participating pizzerias across San Francisco will be your best match in terms of criteria like location and price. Pizzerias included in the app’s database must have 3 star and above Yelp reviews. The price you are quoted includes tax, delivery fees and a $3 tip for the driver.

PizzaTheApp was started by Michael Brandt and Adam Ting. Right now, the app is making them a few dollars per transaction. Both are currently keeping their day jobs. Potential customers might wonder what happens if their pizza is late or doesn’t show up. Brandt texts customers with information allowing them to text him back if anything goes wrong. Brandt states that the app is really for a quick pizza fix. It is not intended for those looking for only gourmet level product with a wide variety of unusual toppings.

Currently PizzaTheApp is only serving customers in the San Francisco area. Brandt’s goal is to eventually have PizzaTheApp become the “Uber” of pizza delivery with fleets of cars participating.

Posted on March 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM