Project Pie Announces Expansion

The build-your-own-pizza business called Project Pie is opening a new location in Indianapolis. This represents the franchise’s third location after Las Vegas and San Diego.

The business model used by Project Pie is very similar to that used by Blaze Pizza also in Indiana. Customers are able to build their own artisan pizzas which are then fired in a stone hearth.

The founder of Project Pie, James Markham, says “I was doing it years before Blaze.” He says his Pieology restaurant in Fullerton, California was the inspiration for what eventually became Blaze.

The COO of Blaze, Jim Mizes does not agree. He claims that the creators of Wetzels Pretzels were looking for a good pizza place and after dining at a Chipotle, they wanted to use the build-you-own concept on pizzas.

He does admit, however that they did look at all their potential quick-service competitors including Pieology, when they were developing their idea.

The local owner of Project Pie, Luke Angermeier is confident that his franchise will offer a truly high quality product. The business will be located near the East 96th Street Meijer.

Posted on April 21, 2014 at 10:00 AM