Push for Pizza

Push for Pizza is an app that was recently launched by five 19 year old college friends. This one button app is designed to bring you pizza wherever you are. The app offers 2 choices, plain or pepperoni.

The app is said to be like having Uber for pizza. You simply enter your address and a credit card number as part of the set up. The pizza is delivered, based on your location, by a nearby pizza restaurant. The simplicity of the app is its genius. With just the 2 types of pizza offered, a pizza is easily ordered without ever having to talk to someone to arrange the delivery.

The app does not have a lot of the typical bells and whistles like notifications to ping you about various news related to your order. It is quite simply and push and order application that results in a pizza showing up at your doorstep, already charged to your credit card.







Posted on August 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM