Random Pizza Delivery

A theater company is making it possible for people to ‘pizza bomb’ their friends. All of this is done as an inventive fund raising scheme.

The Der Vorfuherrekt Theatre company came up with the idea for “My Pizza, My Idea”. The fundraiser runs throughout the month of April. The funds will be used to help with their latest production, “Three Kinds of Wildness”.

The six company members and a friend facilitate the fundraising by making the pizzas. Supporters can sign up to receive or send a pizza. When signing up, supporters must enter their home, work and any other location. They also include the hours that they typically spend at each of the locations. For each location, they must provide a contact in case the recipient is not available at the time of the delivery. The company members deliver the pizzas, but they don’t tell the recipient when that delivery will occur.

The suggested donation for each pizza is $20, but the company leaves that up to the donors.

The company members try to follow any dietary restrictions specified, but no specific delivery times can be honored – and that’s part of the fun. A random pizza delivery can happen at any time.

The show “Three Kinds of Wildness” debuts in Baltimore on April 25th.

Donna Oblongata, the company’s creator says, “We rehearse by day and make pizza by night. In this modern era, we get to do a little bit of extra fun ‘stalking’; if we see someone’s Facebook page, and on Foursquare they’ve checked in, we can run up with their pizza when they’re sitting in a park.”


Posted on April 14, 2014 at 10:00 AM