Reddit Owner Learned From Pizza

Alexis Ohanian, one of the co-founders of the all famous online forum Reddit has been known as an entrepreneur but did you know that he worked off as a waiter in Columbia, Maryland in Pizza Hut? 

Around Route 108, "Tony," as what they all called him, the Reddit owner learned his way in the pizza shop on how to be an entrepreneur. 

The book "Without Permission" states his experience and how he launched Reddit, growing it into what it is now - one of the 100 top websites that has over 81 million page views per month. 

In it, he mentions that his experience starts with Pizza Hut. 

“The most I got from a job as an entrepreneur was definitely serving tables at Pizza Hut,” he said of an interview with Pizza Oven “After two years of doing that, like with any food service job, one really has to realize that you’re not going to be successful later unless you’re there for your customers and their experience.”

Pizza Hut taught him the three startup lessons, which are serving people with bad attitude, never overlooking front-line employees and asking permission. 

“You do have people who are assholes, and you do have people who are going to stiff you on tips (it also makes you a better tipper)," he said. "It’s a reality that if you’re an entrepreneur you have to have that same single-minded focus on providing that good customer experience, whatever that is."

“There are people at Pizza Hut, working on the line who are being entrepreneurial by figuring out more efficient ways to get a pizza in the oven and out to people, and it’s not something that’s rewarded because you’re just a cog in a machine.”

“There is no path, there is no convention that you need to adhere to,” he said. “The best experiences that so many of us have gotten came in unconventional ways from doing things we probably should not have been doing."

All these lessons were a result of his hard work at Pizza Hut! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on November 4, 2013 at 10:00 AM