Renovation Tips on Remodeling a Restaurant

Reinventing a current restaurant concept is a well thought of idea that every pizza business owner or any restaurant owner considers very heavily in remaking out a brand these restaurants carry.

Remodeling the interiors to match the brand’s new image isn’t enough in changing the overall complexion of a restaurant. Food items with healthy options, technological advancements and staff services should also be upgraded to completely make a complete turnaround in reinventing a restaurant to be an iconic image. But how can operators start a complicated process of reinventing a restaurant’s image?

What every restaurant should look out for is what makes them one of a kind. With that in mind, a restaurant would know what direction they want to go to in the long run. Joel Cohen of the Cohen Restaurant Marketing Group explains that determining the remodeling process should be the most important part of the process. Detailing what to retain and what to change and the right decision of remodeling must be considered in this course. Reflecting on these certain issues would enlighten restaurant operators in reimaging their restaurants.

The basic essentials like the brand logo should be distinct and can be retained to customer’s mind. Add to that the food service and the menu prices should also be upgraded to make retention to people lasting it would make them want to go back.

Modernization of the restaurant comes with retaining some of the elements a restaurant is known for. President and CEO of Ellish Marketing Group Warren Ellish clarified that competitors, the brand embellishment and industry leaders should be looked upon in improving a restaurant. Making a cosmetic change on the logo alone would diminish any efforts in remodeling a restaurant. A unique component added to a restaurant strengthens it among other restaurants and owners should be investing on it and to avoid mistakes done in the past and by other competitors that are relative to the industry.

Maintaining what works for a restaurant before any modifications should be incorporated to a well established business plan and the cost of refurbishing the restaurant should be well inside the budget and would not diminish profitability. Brigette Breitenbach, the principal of communications firm Company B Brand Marketing further added that the changes should be related to the aim of the operators. Connecting the ambiance of the establishment with the goal of the restaurant as its image would not only keep existing customers but gain new ones as well. The food presentation as well as the furniture, fixtures and staff uniforms must relate to each other to make customers comfortable with the restaurant.

Planning a timetable for the renovations is vital for the remodeling process. Materials for construction should be ready and are available on-site. Founder Sam Cicero Sr. of Cicero’s Development Corp. in Plainfield Illinois further elaborated on creating a carefully planned schedule for the contractors to work on renovating the restaurant. Providing the opening and closing times and the days where there are a large number of customers should be provided by the owners so construction would not obstruct daytime operations and maintaining cleanliness before opening hours should also be provided for by the owners.

Staff training must also be prioritized coinciding with the cosmetic changes a restaurant undergoes. Director of brand marketing of Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom Will Powers advised that impressing customers by way of an adequately trained staff will leave the guests a lasting good notion of the restaurant. Training the staff with only the right amount of information makes the more effective in delivering service to customers.

Opening with a newly refurbished restaurant should be a grand opening. Creative consultant Reilly Newman recommends providing discounts, promos and invitations to the community much like how a new restaurant opens, just even grander.

Cicero added on making a grand opening by posting advertisements on local newspaper and online with pictures of how the restaurant looks before and after the renovations. Celebrating the reinvented restaurant serves as an fitting way of opening the establishment.

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 12, 2013 at 11:00 AM