Rizzo’s Pizza: A Healthy Treat for Everyone

Delicious food comes at a risk. Health risk that is. With the added flavors and ingredients to make a tasty treat, people find it hard to resist such a delectable dish, especially pizzas. But how can a pizza restaurant make delicious pizzas while lessening the added calories? Rizzo’s Fine Pizza Company sure does know how!

The pizza company located on Clinton Avenue in New York has a wide variety of thin crust pizzas to choose from that features only the freshest of ingredients that make their pizzas incredibly light to the stomach even after consuming more than a slice. The Italian ambiance of the restaurant, which includes their original tools and some church furnishings as decoration adds value to the whole dining experience. There is even a take-out counter for those who wanted a quick slice anytime.

Pizzas as it turns out are a healthy dish back in the old day. Today’s pizzas are laden with extra calories as processed meats, creamy sauces and thick crusts dominate as staples in the industry. But cutting back even on the crust’s thickness dramatically makes an impact on ones calorie intake. With every slice of a thin crust pizza, Rizzo’s pizza sure makes consumers stay fit after they eat. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 28, 2013 at 2:00 PM