Sarpino's Expanding in Slowing Market

Although the pizza industry may have sluggish sales, Sarpino’s USA feels like the time is right for them to seek out investors and grow.

Sarpino’s focuses on delivery orders. They hope to grow from 46 locations to 65 before 2014 is over. On a larger scale, they hope to have 350 locations within the next 5 years.

President Dmitry Shapiro says, “It’s always a good time to expand, I guess, when you’re ready, and we believe we’re ready.”

Even with the projected growth, the chain would still be considered pretty small. There are about 70,000 pizza restaurants in the United States at the present time. The larger chains seem to be taking business from the smaller independent stores.

In 2012, the average household in the United States spent $309.80 on pizza. In 2007 it was $317.60. While sales are expected to grow at pizza restaurants across the United States, that rate is expected to be very slow in the coming years.

Shapiro feels that it is still a good time for his chain.

“The average pizza store in the United States does approximately $500,000 a year. We do double. Our business is thousands of little things done right.”

Sarpino’s USA started in 2003 as a franchise from a Canadian company. Sarpino’s International is based out of Singapore and is completely independent from the U.S. operations.

Half of the current Sarpino’s USA locations are in and around Chicago. They also have locations in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and Texas. They are planning to expand into Florida and Georgia soon.


Posted on April 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM