Scrap Bagel and Pizza Crusts for Heat

Brooklyn wastewater treatment plant decided that the scraps of bagels and pizza could be the answer to keep New York a warm city and have a green solution to this atmosphere. 

The new program in New York will recycle food waste into the wastewater treatement plant and be used to generate heat around 5,000 homes. This garbage food waste will be turned into biogas that would be used as energy in the plant and release the excess as methane in the air. 

Though methane doesn't sound so good for out noses and it is a potent greenhouse gas, the food waste becomes the solution to keep this extra gas out of site which will enable the plant to make natural gas energy instead. 

This project is made possible by the Department of Environmental Protection together with a local utility that aims to heat up New Yorkers this winter. 

Starting off with school cafeterias that has tremendously large amounts of food wastes, collection will be made of around 500 tons of food a day. The organic trash will be processed into energy and the rest will be composted. 

“[It] captures the tremendous energy value rooted in the organic waste,” says Rachel Amar from Waste Management in an interview. “Since organic material makes up approximately 30% of the waste stream, recovering food waste for biogas production can enable municipalities to significantly reduce the amount of material sent to landfills,” 

Hopefully this project succeeds as this green movement will also be used to other wastewater treatment plants in the future if it does roll out good. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on January 13, 2014 at 11:00 AM