Sexy Staff Causes Pizza Fire

Bulldog Pizza seem to have its strategy stuck in the old car wash concept as its plan reveal delivering pizzas with young and pretty women as it advertises. 

The pizza joint was said to open in Nyon where Gender Equality official Magaly Hanselmann was immediately alarmed. 

“It is shocking: we are confronted here with a case that could be one of direct discrimination,” said Hanselmann in a newspaper interview. 

The job ad stated in French indicated "female delivery people, women only... of excellent appearance, young and go-getting." 

Not only was it violating equal rights but it also posed danger to women.

“To have sexy women making deliveries alone makes no sense,” Hanselmann told 20 Minutes and added “It’s putting them in a delicate situation. In case of harassment, this employer is not protected from the filing of a complaint.”

The owner of the pizza joint responds with the criticism, stating that he was already expecting such negative feed back. 

“When I spoke to my sister about it she wanted to strangle me,” said owner Peter Zehetbauer. “But our concept is innovative, I am convinced that it responds to a demand.”

Young women in low-cut white polo shirts, wearing caps and holding pizza boxes were advertised in social media of the pizza restaurant. Zehetbauer also placed this photo in a flyer and ignored criticism of people who told him he was a sexist. 

“I am transparent with my employees,” he said. “And all the same they do not work scantily clad, If the attack me, I know how to defend myself.”

Tear gas canisters were given to the delivery women for emergency cases and the four women who's been hired even includes a model.

There were also some men who tried to apply for the position but the owner rejected them and explained the business concept to them.
Posted by Diane Araga, on July 15, 2013 at 11:00 AM