Shenendoah Pizza Gets New Owner

Shenandoah Pizza now has a new owner. Brent Schoenduby purchased the business and took over on September 2nd. The former owner wanted more time to pursue music interests.

The former owner will still be involved and says he looks forward to the future. Shoenduby says “Restaurants are my passion, it’s what I’ve always been doing. It’s like I’m coming home.”

Schoenduby says that the first thing on his list is to address some complaints about the service at the restaurant. He will be keeping the existing employees and adding a second oven to allow them to them to get pizzas served more quickly. He intends on keeping the price structure the same, but he will be adding to the menu. He’ll be adding homemade sandwiches and also adding a bar.

“There’s a place where there are taps, but nowhere to sit down and drink a beer,” says Shoenduby. “Who doesn’t like beer and pizza.”



Posted on September 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM