Slushie and Pizza at Pizza Hut

If you want a slushie to go with your usual favorite pie at dinner, you don't have to go to 7-eleven then pizza hut! 

In Pizza Hut Malaysia, they have accomplished the food lover's dream of having a slushie and a pizza pie in one spot. It is quite weird though because they offer it in extreme flavors such as Passion citrus and wild berry - not so common flavors than the lime or the red ones in the convenience store. 

What makes it weird is the fact that it is a mix of seven up and the citrus/berry, two natural flavors that are really sour! As the description of the citrus states "Quench your thirst with exotic passion fruit syrup, calamasi lime and 7Up mixed to a refreshing punch and topped with a mint leaf." Hmm, quite an adventure for this drink! 

The offer lasts for this year and is priced at RM 7.80 which converts to $2.49 and brands this as their "mocktails." 
Posted by Diane Araga, on October 28, 2013 at 12:00 PM