Special Delivery

When a recent accident left a Pizza Hut delivery man unable to deliver a pizza, an unusual substitute took his place. Two Portland police officers finished the delivery.

Customer Steve Huckins and his wife admit they were surprised when their doorbell rang and they found 2 officers holding a pizza. They had already contacted the Pizza Hut after their pizza was delayed, only to discover the accident had occurred. Pizza Hut offered to send out a replacement pizza at half price because of the delay. In the meantime, the police officers had also decided to finish the delivery.

The customers took a photo of the police officers and that photo has gone viral on the internet.

“I wanted these officers to get a little recognition because these officers (Michael Filbert & Royce Curtiss) went above and beyond,” said Huckins.

The Pizza Hut driver was injured in the crash, but is ok.



Posted on September 23, 2014 at 10:00 AM