Spiciest Pizza Found in UK

Paul’s Pizza is now known and reported by the Daily Mail to have the spiciest pizza in the world. The Saltdean Sizzler pizza, offered in the establishment, has said to contain all the good spices that only have 9 challenge takers since last year.  Over 1,307 pizzas have been sold but only these few were able to eat or at least try to eat the whole thing. Those who succeeded were placed on the “wall of flame” but those who failed to eat all 6 slices were posted on the “wall of shame.”

Paul Brayshaw, the creator of the 10-inch spicy pizza, added a special chilli called the ghost chilli and made use of it for its chilli paste then he also topped it with chilli extract.

The Guinness World Record states that the spiciest pepper scores 1,463,700 scoville units and if this pizza passes on to over a million scoville units too, this could be the first spicy pizza in the world. As of today, the pizza is being tested at Warwick University.

Although, eating this pizza is not all pleasure, the effects of eating too much spice may also bring in pain especially to those who are not much of a spice masters. This is why Brayshaw keeps an eye on his customers to check if they can handle it or not.

"We close at 10 p.m. so just before the pubs shut," Brayshaw said. "Otherwise I think we would get a lot of drunk people in here having a go without realizing just how spicy this pizza is."

Here’s one example of a man taking up to the challenge and ending up with a bad ending: 

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 10, 2013 at 9:00 AM