STV Anchor Man Swims in Mozzarella Fame

STV News anchorman John MacKay has recently been growing famous with his new replica - a pizza moulded to his looks. A famous chef and restaurateur who already made images of the Pope and Marilyn Monroe on pizza decided that the STV Anchor man is worthy of the pizza face. The artist's name is Domenico Crolla.

The pizza face was made within 2 hours of carefully placing each cheese on the right look.

There’s always a fine line between getting it right and getting it wrong,” said Domenico and added “The pizza itself you can’t keep - after an hour it doesn’t look nice. It’s like when you order a home delivery, it arrives fresh and it’s at its loveliest for the first couple of hours. What makes me different from other food artists is that a lot of their work looks good but isn’t edible, whereas mine is both.”

The pizza art was started only in 2012, starting off with Bruce Lee, then with Mortal Combat, then later on with Cristiano Ronaldo and Rihanna that received 20,000 and 10,000 likes respectively. 

“I’ve had requests from all over the world about them,” said Domenico.“I use unique techniques and that interests people. Someone may want a company logo, the image of their mother-in-law, a celebrity they like - they all want to do this.The Pope was the most difficult. There is a lot of detail in it. It’s also the one that I gained most satisfaction from."

Aiming to make this a global business, Crolla is now offering workshops for this next year at Las Vegas. 

"There’s fans that want pizza of their favourite celebrities, there’s a market out there. Maybe I need to take it onto Dragon’s Den and find the right dragon," he said."At the moment, I would compare myself to Andy Warhol.He came up with his approach to art but it wasn’t until he had a manager that he started selling them and making lots of money. I need someone to come along and help me sell it - I’m great at selling pizzas, I need help selling art."
Posted by Diane Araga, on April 30, 2013 at 8:00 PM