Surviving on a Pizza Diet

A Maryland man has an odd claim to fame. He has been eating pizza every day for 25 years. A mini-documentary by Vice is out that details the man and his less-than-normal diet.

Dan Janssen believes that his picky diet is probably a result of some of his childhood experiences. (He’s working with a therapist to help get to the root of his issues.) Since he’s a vegetarian who does not like vegetables, his plain cheese pizza diet does make a little sense.

Janssen’s fiancée doesn’t agree with his diet, so she tries to get him to branch out. She does have him drinking a healthy smoothie every day in an attempt to enrich his health. Janssen has diabetes but insists that it has nothing to do with his diet.

A Vice article helped introduce Janssen and his odd diet to the world. Ever since the article, he has been the recipient of numerous offers for spokesperson work, or interviews. Many consider him to be the ‘Pizza King’, with others calling him their hero.

Janssen says he rarely eats a vegetable, although he has had mushrooms on his pizza before.

Posted on July 18, 2014 at 10:00 AM