Tattoos for Free Pizza for Life

Over 25 people got really wild this time for agreeing to have a tattoo in exchange for free pizza for life. 

In Houston, Texas Pi Pizza Truck has offered locals to celebrate its second anniversary with free pizzas with the condition of getting a tattoo forever of their brand. This promotion is also the second time that they are offering the #FreePizzaForLife tattoo promo and over 25 of them agreed this year. 

Customers only need to get a $60-$299 Pi Pizza Truck themed tattoo made by Gabe Massey. Those who did this gets one slice everyday OR gets an $8 discount on a whole pizza. This pizza offer is of course only offered if the pizza truck is open and as long as it operates! 

Designs vary and customers can choose from 15 custom-designed tattoos. Some of them has a banner that says "This Pizza Kills Fascists."

Having this kind of business, owner Anthony Calleo said he isn't too worried as the first promotion only affected them minimally. Around 2 slices were the average claim of pies in his establishments. He also sees it as a positive compliment if a person goes by everyday to claim a slice! 

Last year, only 22 people got the tattoo which makes this year ahead by 3 more. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on November 27, 2013 at 9:00 AM