Teacher Wins Year Supply of Pizza

Last March, students all over the region were encouraged to be part of the regional Teacher Appreciation Essay Contest wherein students write about their favorite teacher in less than 250 words. 

Many participated with the event, counting to over 1,000 entries! Rainbow Lake Middles School found in Chesnee had their assembly for the contest recently and has announced winners: 
7th grader Tanner Hicks won with his essay about Principal Donnie Barnette. The second runner-up was a sixth grader named Taylor Wilson, winning an essay which was about their English Teacher Kim Turner. 
The first runner-up was also a 7th grader named Shelbi Rice who won with her essay about their Social Studies Teacher Ashley Littlejohn. 
Grand Prize winner, Kayla Caldwell, won a free pizza for a year for writing about her English Teacher Heather Robertson. 

Both Caldwell and Robertson receives a year's supply of pizza.

The surprised English teacher was not only delighted with the award that she received but has also been touched by the essay made by her student, entitled "The One Woman Show." 

“There was always an opportunity to voice your opinion, rant, or debate. Her class was always informative, insightful, and alive; there was never a dull moment.” As stated in the essay written by Caldwell and continues on with an explanation on how much influential the class was. 

“Mrs. Robbie caused me to see the subjects of reading and writing in a different light. She helped me discover my love for persuasion and poetry. Her encouragement and enthusiasm greatly affected us in this remarkable discovery. Her meaningful suggestions significantly improved our writing.”

It also reflected how great of a teacher Robertson was as Caldwell writes about her patience and understanding. 

“She does back flips for her students and is able to reach children so far out of reach,” she wrote. “It is amazing to see an adult fully understand how we teenagers function. Her class is not just about completing assignments but developing an appreciation for writing and learning how to handle real world occurrences. Mrs. Robbie is my favorite teacher for more reasons than can be put on paper, and she has greatly influenced both my writing and my life.”

Robertson, with her grateful reaction, has always encouraged students to join contests. 

“I’m grateful that Kayla and our other RLMS students are being recognized for their outstanding abilities,” she said and further states that teaching is tiring but a very rewarding job as you see students learn. 

“Although it is nice for administration and fellow faculty members to acknowledge your hard work, there is nothing more meaningful than for a student to speak so eloquently about the impact that you’ve had on his or her life,” Robertson said. “That truly makes what I do each and every day worth it.”

Posted by Diane Araga, on June 17, 2013 at 7:00 PM