Technology Updates the Best of Pizza Fast Food

The pizza market along with other fast food industries can now enjoy a fast track in fast food through the help of NFC technology. Long lines, searching for loose change and gaining access to reward cards will be a thing of the past as the digital world evolves. 

Even drive-thrus will be faster as the day that developers envisioned has finally come. By the new NFC technology, customers are able to gain access of the menu, order through the smartphone and make payments in one tap. 

Also called as the Near Field Communication, NFC is the solution to mobile apps and make the experience of dining in faster than ever. 

The main technology that NFC is involved comes in touch points between customer and restaurants, using smartphones and NFC tags respectively. 

Even discounts, notifications on tables, appetizer or drink requests and other NFC enabled actions can be done in one touch. In the era filled with "Internet of Things" only sensors and touch points are needed to bring in requests and even payments, with less need of contact. 

Benefits of restaurants and customers may come in a long line of lists that will not only reduce waiting time but would also make everything easier, better quality, and promotion up to their social media marketing. 

In a list, here are the things that will make pizzerias benefit from the new NFC technology: 

1. Mobile payments can now be made but only a few chains have used this technology. Dunkin' DOnuts, Starbucks and Mcdonald's are the few to make use of it but in the near future, it has been in forecasts that payments will be made through mobile by 2017 and it will be applicable around the world. NFC devices will be the primary use for such payments. 

2. Loyalty promotions could be implemented easily and allow better relationships between customer and establishment. From coupons, promotions, social media, to collection of data, NFC will allow efficient data gathering and distribution of information. 

3. Establishments will also have a chance to improve their quality as the NFC technology become tangent to the online reviews, ratings or customer comments. This interactive activity can bring in more customers or allow them to give feedback online. 

It may seem like years before all this technology can be applied to the whole world but people experiencing the new NFC technology can vouch that this will make the pizza industry and other food establishments provide faster and easier transactions. The wonders of this also comes in the form of personal programs where each customer may have different experiences in each establishments. They may also develop the program for betterment, suiting every need that each niche may require. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 9, 2013 at 10:00 AM