The 7 best songs about pizza ever recorded

By making a band called The Pizza Underground, Macaulay Culkin became one of the important news story. 

They started by playing in a Velvet Underground cover band that remakes the Velvet's scuzy proto-punk classics into tunes about pizza.

In relation to Pizza Rock, the songs such as "I'm waiting for the Delivery Man," "Cheese Days," and "All the Pizza" are proof that child stars have a potential of having a huge sense of humor. The songs also give way to the most important musical genre since the blues.

There are seven songs that would lead to a better understanding about the unofficial history of Pizza Rock.

In 1958, "The Year Pizza Broke". It is called such because the Sicilian dish, known as pizza, became widely spread in America during the return of GIs from World War II's Italian Theater. More than a decade after the war, the recording industry was able to release its first Pizza Rock Anthem. Lou Monte, the Italian-American crooner known for culturally sensitive material like, “Shaddap you face,” becomes an overnight sensation as Pizza Rock’s ambassador with “Pizza Boy USA.”

In 1959, the Manhattan doo-wop upstarts, Norman Fox and the Rob Roys, become the most interesting band in Pizza Rock. They earned one charting hit and Pizza Rock's first bona fide cult record. Due to its vast cultural importance and total lack of commercial appeal upon release, “Pizza Pie”  is dubbed the “Funhouse” of the margherita set. It was very appealing to the people, to the point where they form a Pizza Rock band themselves as they hear the "Pizza Pie." Fox’s cryptic lyrics, such as, “when they put me six feet under/I wanna take a pizza pie” leave a riddle scholars will puzzle over for decades.

The darkest span of Pizza Rock histiry is within the years 1960-1997. People stopped eating supper, which led people such as Jefferson Airplane, 
Otis Redding, Led Zeppelin, Joan Baez, Soundgarden and even Bobby Brown to avoid writing tunes about pizza.

Nonetheless, come year 1997 Pizza Rock paved its way up again. Thus, this year is known as "The Year Pizza Broke Again, After a Long Hiatus."

This rejuvenation in the pepperoni arts is credited to “Full House” stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who shock the Pizza-averse public by demanding America give them pizza.

In the year 2002, teenagers became the main market for pizza. The marketers of Pizze Hut encouraged the high school girls to live their dream band by coming up with a jingle of their own. But, “Where’d the Cheese Go?” remains Pizza Rock’s lost classic.

The Pizza Rock innovation is during the year 2007. The chef came up with a BBQ chicken on pizza. Rappers were a big part of the pizza revolution due to their interest in mozzarella, which inspired them to relate hip hop with pizza. This is also the time when "Pizza Party"came to the picture.

From hip hop to poetic, Jonass Brothers incorporated the love they have for a good woman in relation to the urge to eat pan pizza. This Pizza Rock trend lasted for decades.

Pizza Rock has its ups and downs, but in the year 2010 they were able to reach the peak of success. Artists and songwriters gave their heart out to come up with great music. Pizza punks were one of the early dedicated artist even before Pizza Underground makes it to the top.

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 11:00 AM