The Best Frozen Pizzas Available

Frozen pizza can be a gamble. While most of it is a perfectly acceptable replacement for Pizza Hut, Domino’s, or any number of local chains, it doesn’t always live up to the expectations many people place on it. After all, it’s pizza. There’s no such thing as bad pizza. Well, Totino’s thin crust pizzas are pretty bad, but they’re still tolerable. Thankfully, there are plenty of frozen pizzas out there that are not only great and tasty alternatives to the big name delivery pizzas and local flavors, but are healthier, too.

Anything Stuffed Crust

One of Pizza Hut’s signature pizzas is there Stuffed Crust pizza. Insanely greasy pizza with a ring of mozzarella cheese (essentially string cheese) baked into the crust is one of the best types of pizza there is, but it’s difficult to make at home unless you buy tons of string cheese and use fresh dough. Thankfully, two (maybe more!) frozen pizza brands make stuffed crust pizza: DiGiorno and Freschetta. These pizzas aren’t anything fancy, though they consistently rank toward the top of the list in terms of quality, so the added presence of a ring of cheese baked into the crust will only serve to make the pizza a billion times more awesome.

Tony’s Regular Crust Pizza

Not known for their quality, this ultra-cheap pizza (you can usually get a full pizza for $2) is surprisingly tasty, offering plenty of cheese and toppings so as to not require any additions at home. It bakes up nice and crispy, is easy to eat and not messy, and a great, cheap substitute for delivery pizza. Best of all, the entire thing has less than a thousand calories, makes it an ideal choice if you’re watching your weight and it’s the only thing you plan on eating that day.

California Pizza Kitchen

Known for its crazy pizza toppings and flavorful wood oven baked pizza, California Pizza Kitchen offers their unique concoctions in the frozen food section of a very reasonable price. While the cost of their frozen ‘za might be a little steep than other frozen pizzas, you know you’re at least getting quality. Unfortunately, these pizzas are often smaller than their counterparts, with the larger ones being significantly more expensive than others. Still, it’s a small price to pay for quality.


Consistently ranked at the top of Best Frozen Pizza lists, Tombstone Pizzas are a quick and easy go-to pizza for those seeking to save a few bucks. Large, flavorful, and sporting enough varieties to satisfy even the pickiest of pizza eater, Tombstone Pizza can be found in pretty much every supermarket, and even gas stations. Plus, it has the added bonus of having a popular brand name. Everyone remembers those commercials (“What do you want on your tombstone?” “Pepperoni, and green peppers!”), so when in doubt, they’re a fall back choice simply because they’re the pizza you know.

Posted on September 4, 2012 at 9:00 AM