The Best of the Best of NYC

Eating at the best pizza joints should be in one of the known places for it – New York. In this part of town, too many pies have been in the “best list” but have you tried these merchants while you’re in the city of lights?

1. Motorino’s Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta Pie

Not only do they sound healthy but they also taste good! Reviews have revealed that the Mathieu Palombino’s regular pie can shock the good taste out of you with its meatball goodness and oh-so-delectable clam pie. Even the pies topped in Brussels Sprouts sell like pancakes, despite the popularity of Brussel Sprouts in the “hate” list.

2. Di Fara’s Sicilian

People think it’s worth it to wait in a long line for a $5 pizza in this place. With its well-charred Sicilian pies filled with tomato sauce, crispy cheese and distinct flavor in a crispy fried dough. Sounds too delicious, you may want to go run for one now!

3. Paulie Gee's Anise and Anephew

Paulie Gee is well known as one of the ‘rags-to-riches’ pizzeria in their amazing story.  They started from the backyard and now, they are known as one of the greatest in NYC. Spectacular pies like the Anise and Anephew are to die for in its sweet braised fennel and salty guanciale.

4. Pier 76

If you need something alcoholic in your pie, then Pier 76’s Vodka Pie is your dish. In its delectable sauce filled with pancetta, parmesan and of course, vodka, a wild aroma of tomatoes should fill in the air (and your taste buds) as they pour this yummy sauce on crunchy dough.

5. Totonno's Coal-Fired Pizza

Coal fired pies are indeed outstanding and they speak of tradition as it reflects America’s first pizzeria. In Totonno’s, you will be able to taste the original pie similar to those back in 1924 as they keep classic pies in charred thin bubbly crusts and creamy mozzarella. Totonno Pizzeria was founded by Anthony Totonno Pero.

6. Sal and Carmine's Slice

Try a different symphony of textures in a rich sauce, crispy exterior and soft interior from the pies of Sal and Carmine’s. People buy their pies, stuck it out the oven, keep it, or even bring it home and even with its prolonged air exposure outside the oven, the crust never gets hard!  In large slices and greasy slices, NYC enjoys its flavorful salty dough with sweet and tangy sauces.

7. L&B Spumoni Gardens' Sicilian Slice

Over 72 years of service to bring out the best of a crispy crust or thick, if you prefer one, in a well-browned burn of dough topped with their sauce tasting so sweet. Locals at Brooklyn state that people should try a slice at L&B as part of the “MUST” list.

8. Best Pizza

Although Best Pizza is just new in town, their pizza has already made its way toward the top lists according to critics and regular customers. Just like the NYC slice of pie, they produce crispy but chewy crusts and salted tomatoes, topped with their very own mozzarella cheese. The best pie so far from their menu list is the pickled vegetable slice. It is filled with onions, fennel, broccoli, sprouts and cauliflower; something different from your veggie pizza.

9. Artichoke Basille

Grandma slice as they say, is one of the good slices for a good day. It can be a little sloppy at Artichoke Basille's but the oily, crispy, deep-fried square pie that has loads of cheese all over can be your dream pizza. But of course, this pie can be good enough for some but too greasy for others.

10. Patsy's Coal-Fired Slices

Patsy’s started in the early years, specifically 1933, who was the one of the few pizzerias taking a stand on original recipes of Lombardi’s. They keep it classic in super thin crusts, melted cheese and vibrant sauce.

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 20, 2013 at 10:00 AM