The Best Pizza Box for your Pizza

In previous articles, a new innovative pizza box was introduced to the market. Of course not all pizzerias and consumers had embraced the idea right away but now the said pizza box is starting to boom its way out and be known to the public where it is said to be the world's "Best Pizza Box" for your pizza! 

The new innovation was based in Mumbai where a business man had thought of a way to make the sensational dish remaining hot even in take outs. With proper ventilation made in the packaging, this was possible. 

The new ventilation system claims to be the reason for better pizzas instead of having soggy pies delivered. The trapped steam and the damp results make the pizza quality poor. 

The business started back in 2006 when Vinay Mehta of Mumbai decided to start this business and make the best kind of pizza box. The container was recognized and supported by author of Viva La Pizza! in New York, Scott Wiener. As a pizza fanatic and collector of pizza boxes around the world, Wiener had attested that this innovative design would make the pizza delivered better. 

“It’s smart because it doesn't add any hardware, just rethinks the common construction of a box and rearranges it,” Wiener wrote to Scroll.

Since Mehta has been in the cardboard boxes industry for 35 years already, it should be concluded that he does know what he is doing! Simple observations resulted to better solutions as he figured that the steam of pies were released upwards, not side wards hence holes on top will bring betterment of pizza quality.

How it works:
There are only three layers inside a cardboard and it has two flat surfaces and one ridged layer inside. Usually pizza boxes have holes on the side to release steam but since the pizza steam goes upwards, it would make it better if the steam could also be released upward. 

With the new design, holes on top are provided to allow steam to come out in the same direction that steam would naturally would. But how would you do that without allowing dirt to come in? The design of VenTiT boxes comes with holes on only the two flat surfaces but not on the ridged layer. Steam then could go out but dirt or other materials could come in since the ridged layer hinders other particles to do so. 

The design not only resolves ventilation but also resolves expenses as this would only come cheap in production. 

The Pizza Box Results: 
With the successful and positive feedback that Mehta is getting, he has decided to go global and made his first step (first five year step that is) towards patenting his design. To this reason, his boxes were only available for sale starting 2011 for patenting procedures around 100 countries took him 5 years. 

Over 100,000 boxes a month are already sold in Mumbai and plans to supply various pizzerias around the world. The boxes not only solve pizza problems but has also solved some other crispy cuisines that turn out rubbery when stocked inside a box. The secret? Its not just about compression and cushioning anymore with cardboard boxes, its also about ventilation! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on January 28, 2014 at 11:00 AM