The great 5 Pizzerias in Utah

Satisfaction, the feeling every person feels after every bite of a pizza slice. The pizza we ever so deeply desire with its crunchy crust and succulent toppings, one could not stop craving for more after every slice.

The feeling just couldn’t be greater but finding the best pizzerias in Utah could be the answer to all of its people’s food desire. The list goes a long way but finding the top 5 was decided primarily on customer satisfaction. There is even a surprising revelation towards the end of our search so ready or not here we go with the 5 best pizza joints in Utah!

Pizzeria 712 – Orem

Today’s culture has changed a lot. Most of that change would concern technology and as they say before to say grace before meals, now we take pictures before eating. But there is something in those pictures of food we post on social media that can be described only with our taste buds.

Pizzeria 712 offers a totally different experience on dining in with your pizza. If high-quality of flavors is what you expect of a pizza, then you are in the right place. Ingredients are grown locally and organic, just like how mom used to cook at home.

What’s unique in this pizza joint is that food in the menu is always changing and the pizzas are anonymous but when it comes to taste, you’ll surely find a name!

So if you want to make your pizza as tasty as the pictures you take, pick up the best filter and the menu would suggest even one for you.

Este Pizza - SLC

Who wouldn’t want a big slice of that New York classic pizza? With a big slice, thin crust, only on a New York-style pizza, Este brings this classic outside the borders of New York.

This pizza joint has plenty of New York flavors to offer, from plain cheese to combo pizzas. They even have options for vegans and vegetarians! But be careful of what you order because they have 2 menus one different from the other. Some pizzas in the Sugar house location cannot be ordered from the Downtown location and vice versa because they simply don’t make that kind of pizza in that store. But still this is a highly recommended store with its flavors a plenty.

Wild Mushroom – SLC

The name suggests that you would be in for a mushroom-filled order when you come in to this restaurant. Wrong! Well maybe there are more than just the menu to prove it such but it certainly is a normal pizzeria with most of the food containing mushrooms. But it tastes really good!

If you don’t like mushrooms, don’t be in a hurry to rush out. The flavors and the meat make it all worthwhile in eating from their delectable array of pizzas on the menu.

From pesto to bleu cheese, it certainly is fun eating at this pizza joint!

Gabor Brothers Main Street Grill – Layton

Being small and located in a corner does not diminish the quality of the food in a restaurant.  If it is Italian, it is worth more than the wait for a small restaurant.

Eating a traditional pizza in this tiny diner, with the addition of infinite possibilities of combining flavors drives pretty much everyone into an eating frenzy. The pizzas are incredibly tasty and can be ordered in both thick and thin crusts. If you like anchovies, they have it for you too!

So is it worth the wait in this small joint? You bet it is.

The Pizza Cart – Cedar City

It is always fascinating to see people thinking two steps ahead of us into doing something seemingly unthinkable and have it done and be seen in public. How about seeing a wood-fired pizza joint at the back of an Ace Hardware store in Cedar city?

Yes there is a carted pizza joint at the back of an Ace Hardware store in Cedar City! And it seems that Portland has arrived in Utah. It has been known that Portland in Oregon has made certified pizzas all their own up until recently.

The best thing about pizzas in The Pizza Cart is its very affordable price for a wooden-fired pizza. It is so affordable they even have a $5 promo from 2-4 p.m. every day. 

The cart is DIY sourced out of an online video and if it breaks down, there is always a hardware store inside to buy fixing supplies.

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 21, 2013 at 12:00 PM