The Guessing Game: Restaurant’s “Fresh” Ingredients

What do customers look for in a pie? Delicious tasting pizza of course! And how do we achieve attaining the highest quality in pizza? All it takes are fresh ingredients and healthy toppings. 

Pizza joints and restaurants are expected to deliver their finest quality when it comes to pizza, however, the same establishments have paved its way into short cuts that are not so favorable to regular customers. From bogus marketing strategies to fabricated labels, advertisements here and there are no longer a piece of trusted advice and instead are just mere boost for brands!

Papa John's advertisements is one of the "guilty as charged" brands that have given people statements taken on to the next level. With the statements found right at their pizza box, "better ingredients," Papa John's have ensured that the interest of the customers are piqued to remain loyal to their company. But the question is, do they keep this promise?

In a talk about its pizzas which were written in every box, founder and CEO John Schnatter told that he ensures to the highest degree that they use the highest quality of ingredients available.

This is a very far comparison to what consumers normally eat as products consumed at supermarkets and restaurants are created in a more cheaply manner.

But when asked about its ingredients, Papa John’s is not as accommodating in providing it. Asking their employees were also not much of a help as they also are not as knowledgeable in its ingredients. Though some restaurants provide its ingredients to consumers like Mc Donald’s, it is only in part because of its legal implications.

Sadly, there are other restaurants that would make its ingredients a secret to the public.  Failing to disclose that kind of worthy information might not back up its claim of having the freshest and most qualified ingredients. 

Still, Americans have other restaurants that are more than willing to disclose their ingredients. One notable restaurant to set its policies against genetically modified organisms is Chipotle. It has made it known to the public its locally grown ingredients to make it acknowledged that it integrates more emphasis on having better food serve to its clients.

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 19, 2013 at 1:00 PM