The Importance of Technology in Owning Pizzerias

Back then, social media was just a piece of the online portals where people could manage their profiles and communicate with other people but now social media has turned into a powerful tool where a domino effect could happen. 

Speaking of Domino's, the special fast food chain restaurant have experienced and witnessed how powerful this tool could be. It once happened that social media destroyed the reputation of Domino's pizza and since then on, the internet was taken seriously to the point that social media was used as a freeware to promote pizzerias. 

Some businesses have reached huge success just by updating teir social media campaigns.Creating communities that would enable brand awareness have made marketing easier. 

But for Domino's, the social media marketing needs to be careful as their previous bad luck experience had allowed a fall on their sales. A few years ago, the employees of the said pizza chain had created a disgusting video that destroyed their reputation. The tainting of customer food in the video created a bad 6% drop in sales. 

The remedy was a public apology and a hardcore effort to bring back people's trust through social media. 

People then used the social media tool for more reasons such as quality check, discovering and listening to customers, feedback, branding and more.
Posted by Diane Araga, on December 7, 2013 at 9:00 AM