The Mom and Pop Pizza Trend

Mom and Pop pizza restaurants are on an upward trend in the Lehigh Valley. The most recent one is Suzanna’s. It opened on May 29th in Palmer Township. This 35 seat restaurant is just one of many independently owned pizza restaurants in the area.

Jeff Green, retail analyst, sees the pizza restaurants as the direct result of a couple of national trends.

“First, people are much more aware about buying local. Second, the build your own pizza concept is taking hold with people a little more concerned about choosing certain ingredients such as whole wheat bread, low-fat cheese and gluten-free items,” says Green.

Suzanna’s is actually the place that was formerly known as Jozanna’s. When the owners of Jozanna’s decided they wanted to have more dining space, they closed Jozanna’s and then spent 3 months renovating. Their new space will include a private party / overflow dining area.

The Crust is another independent shop offering what they call ‘the most unique pizza in Lehigh Valley’. Some of their more popular offerings include their barbecue pulled pork and General Tso’s chicken.

The Villa Grande is known for using 45 year old recipes for their pizzas, calzones and strombolis.

There are many more independent restaurants in the area and the chain Little Caesars will be opening in July, giving the Lehigh Valley a great number of choices in the pizza arena.

Posted on June 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM