The Mother Defends the 16-year-old Pizza Delivery Rapist

The mother of the 16-year-old pizza delivery boy named Cesar Lucas, defended her accused son and told the public and the police that the victim woman was drunk.

The mother could not accept the allegations as she insists that the size of her son was incapable of forcing anyone into sex. In addition, the sleeping daughter was questionable as she states that it was impossible not to wake the seven-year-old kid if the mother was raped beside her.

“I am not dismissing the woman’s claims, but a lot of what she is saying doesn’t make much sense,’’ said the mom of 16-year-old alleged sex fiend Cesar Lucas.

“My son is 16-years-old. He isn’t very strong. How is it possible that her daughter didn’t wake up?

The mother also added that “his co-workers told me he accidentally rang her bell, and when she opened, he said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and she was drunk.”

On the other side, law-enforcement did not believe any of the mother’s accusations and explanations as they already have source and basis, where conclusion states that Lucas was a “sicko.” In addition, the rapist had already confessed with reasons of being “horny.”

“He’s delivering a pizza. He gets upstairs. He’s trying doorknobs on her floor. He finds her door open. He goes inside, gets on top of her and rapes her,’’ the source said.

Although confession was already made by his son, Lucas’ mother still disagrees. “It is possible he confessed out of fear because they forced him to,’’ she said.

The mother also shared the insights of her daughters and the girlfriend of Lucas, stating that the boy never have touched or hurt them, hence was impossible for Lucas to get in such trouble.

“This is like a nightmare for us. The day of the alleged crime, he gave me a hug and a kiss before he left for work. ’’

Posted by Diane Araga, on October 3, 2012 at 1:00 PM