The Pizza Garden

We all know that pizza doesn’t grow on trees, but a group of school children in Virginia is finding out how ingredients grown in their garden can help them make their own food, like pizza.

The children are learning how to plant and harvest their own vegetables. They even learn how to make pizza sauce from scratch. The program partners the Wythe County Virginia Cooperative Extension Office with the Wytheville Museums Education Department. It was a pilot program implemented in the state and is one that the organizations hope to expand.

Plants were grown in a garden at the Haller-Gibboney Rock House Museum in Whytheville. The kids were in charge of watering and weeding. They planted peppers, tomatoes, onions and herbs like parsley and oregano.

The ingredients were harvested and chopped, then cooked and canned. Joell Eifert, the food safety and processing agent was assisted by two 4-H leaders to lead the process.

“I teach them the entire process,” said Eifert. “I teach them how to use all the basic equipment in the kitchen.”

A SVOBODA grant helped pay for the Pizza Garden project.

Debbie Moody, the assistant director of museums said “The potential is here for a variety of projects. This pilot program has been a great opportunity for the kids.”


Posted on July 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM