Theo's Pizza - Food Truck

Many restaurant owners started with a food truck and worked to develop their clientele before opening a brick and mortar restaurant. Theo’s Pizza did things the opposite way.

When Theo’s bought their food truck, there were already three different Theo’s Pizza restaurants. They anticipated that they would use the truck for specific events like festivals or catering. They quickly changed their opinion and started using the truck for regular lunch shifts and also as a late night food stop.

Owner Jammer Orintas (one of three owners), says, “You’re still serving pizza but it’s less intense than the restaurant.” 

In the truck, pizza is sold by the slice. It’s their own unique variety of pizza featuring a thin, crisp crust – just like is served in their restaurants.

“We have the same dough. We have the same oven we have in the restaurants,” says Orintas.

The three owners went to school at the University of Arkansas, where they frequently traveled into Missouri to purchase beer. They modeled their pizza after the traditional thin, crisp St. Louis style pizza.


Posted on September 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM