Three Gorillas Pizza club offering delicious pop-up Italian grub

Edinburgh residents Tim and Lauren Mitchell’s the Three Gorillas Pizza Club took over the Galley bar and bistro in Leith, introducing a pop-up gourmet pizza and home made ice-cream day -for adults.

Tim said: “Two years ago we both quit our jobs and went travelling around Australia, New Zealand and America. We realised we loved pizza and ice cream and decided we wanted to travel around in a van making pizza and selling ice cream making sure we can provide great food anywhere.”

With their vision on how to integrate pizza and ice cream, Tim explained that he had been concocting a variety of flavours including lemon curd and raspberry vinegar ripple in their flat in Stockbridge.

He said: “I think the key is practice. The cooking idea started two years ago when for my New Year resolution I decided I wasn’t going to buy bread anymore and make it myself. From making bread, it led onto pizza bases and now I create the sauces and a mix of toppings to make them perfect.

“With ice-cream, it’s been three years working it all out. Sometimes it goes really hard and you can’t even scoop it so you need to work out the best way to do it. I think once you have a strong recipe base, you can carry the flavour of the ice cream easily but it is all about trial and error with flavours and seeing what works.”

Over 40 flavours are available and so far, the most popular is their white chocolate and tablet.

Tim strongly believes, that although most ice cream businesses deal with unusual flavours, that if it doesn’t sound right, it will not taste right. He said, that there should not be flavor that will derail anyone.

One of their famous pizzas is a matter of east meets west with an American pizza pie dressed in hoi sin sauce, crispy duck and spring onions. Another is a take on chicken pie with all the pie toppings scattered across a pizza base. For those looking for a savoury bite, then all should try this.

Tim said: “We researched pizza places in Edinburgh and are trying to source local ingredients for our pizzas. When they are made with fresh produce it is hard to go wrong. The idea behind it is that you will not be able to find a better flavour elsewhere.”

Tim said: “We want to surprise people on the night, my plan is always that you will like something.

“We usually have four or five options on offer and we can cater to any dietary needs.”

Now, they are planning to introduce their pizza van and supply their sumptuous ice cream at Farmers' Markets, across Edinburgh. Tim said: “We really want to open our own restaurant in Edinburgh serving the best pizza and ice cream in town.”

You can book your place for the next pop-up pizza party via by phoning 0131 538 6725.

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 16, 2013 at 12:00 PM