Tipping Tips: Based on Experience

Posting an article in a group of delivery drivers, many of them had reacted and gave me a few insights to learn about being a pizza delivery guy - most of it heart breaking and shocking. 

Pizza delivery drivers defends that their position is harder than it seems, in fact has added up a few more details in the list of things to keep in mind when tipping your delivery guy. 

1. The delivery driver does not get the delivery fee. The delivery fee is not an additional tip to the driver, in fact it goes directly to the pizzeria to cover driver expenses such as insurance. Literally, the delivery fee is a fee to "deliver to your home." 

2. The food servers and kitchen staff make more than the pizza delivery guys. They do get tips and are paid out with salaries but often, they would have to use their own car and use their own money to gas up the vehicle, pay out their own maintenance. The pizza chains don't usually pay gas and maintenance for them. There may be a few chains who has their own uniform pizza delivery vehicle but most of them don't have one. 

3. A tip is never required but no matter where you live, a tip is expected. Think about this: you ordered pizza to be delivered at your house because you did not want the hassle of picking it up yourself. Wouldn't you think it is just right to pay up something that gave you comfort? 

4.Delivery drivers sometimes take longer to deliver due to porch lights. Yes I mentioned porch lights and it is just common courtesy to leave them on during evening deliveries so the driver can see your house right away. It is hard to deliver in the dark! 

5. Delivering pizzas is not an easy job, in fact it is considered as a dangerous job by the Department of Labor since there are a lot of robbing incidents happening. 

6. If you requested for something special like a drawn figure or a written text on the box, pizza delivery drivers take the extra effort to accomplish them.
Posted by Diane Araga, on July 9, 2013 at 5:00 PM