Tips in creating healthy pizza:

Tips in creating healthy pizza:

It's simple but true, here are some facts and some ingredients you need to avoid or add into your pizza!

1.       Instead of regular flour, use whole-wheat and add garlic, oregano and basil

2.       Sugar or sweetener can make pizza dough an sauces sweeter but it is not recommended

3.       Olive oil is the best option

4.       Tomato based sauces is good

5.       Although mozzarella makes the pizza delicious and chewy, it is high in fat, hence use low-fat or skim mozzarella.

6.       Opt for vegetarian toppings or lean meat

7.       Make it thin

8.       Always create balance in your ingredients/diet

Take note, pizza can possibly become bad when you have bad ingredients or those poor in quality, especially if it contains too much salt (sodium).

Do you think any pizza joints around town is qualified for this kind of healthy pizza? Tell us! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on March 11, 2013 at 9:00 AM