Tool for Slices from Pizza Compass

Hunger can't be waited out, that is wy Pizza Compass has released a new applicaion for iPhone and iPad users that simply allows them to find the nearest pizza around. 

Just like a compass, creator Zeus Gorham Munkist has made the application locate in a compass stye with a rotating slice pointing in the direction of the close pizza joint. Of course, indication of the pizza restaurant's status (whether its open or closed) is also showed in a red or green bar.

The small development shop Oak Studios made it also possible for one goal to be achieved - to get the customer to the pizza joint ASAP. 

Munkist explains the application in a hilarious video:

This application has been seen as one of the practical apps around with a tad bit of humor and containing app novelty. Having pizza as the center of the application, Pizza Copass has already been gaining much from their web with only a few days of a feature in the app store and its promotional campaigns. 

Will this "tool for sliced success" succeed in overpowering in their indirect competitor - Yelp! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 9, 2013 at 11:00 AM