Top 101 Pizzas in the Country

Once again the best pizzas in the country have been ranked. The Daily Meal delivered their list of the top 101 pizzas in the United States. Executive editor, Arthur Bovino and a panel that consisted of 77 experts sampled 700 pizzas in their quest to find the best.

New York had the most on the list with 35. Within New York, the borough of Brooklyn had the most with 13. Those who favor the deep dish style pizza might be disappointed to hear that Illinois had the least number of pizzas on the list that they’ve ever had when compared to previous years. California had 9 pizzas on the list, Texas had 5, Georgia had 4 and Washington DC had 3.

The top pizza on the list came from New England. Frank Pepe’s from New Haven, Connecticut earned the top honors for its White Clam Pizza. The second place winner was from Di Fara in Brooklyn for their Classic Round Pie.

The top 20 included pizzas from Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Portland among others. The full list is available on The Daily Meal’s website.

Posted on August 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM