Trending Today: Better Quick Served Pizza

It has been a long tradition that pizza chains and restaurants depend on lower their prices to get the attention of consumers. From coupon deals to competitive prices that ranges $5 to $7, the fast food industry has turned pizzalicious to cheap and barely pizza. 

Consumers slowly turned their heads from these fast food and on to those who really make the real thing! Chipotle is one of those preferred choices of Americans today. This organic local restaurant serves customizable pies in minutes. Chains like these are now called "fast casual" and has gained the interest of many. Since then, the death of fast food chains have begun and the new era of pizza dining replaces them. 

So why will these fast food joints fade out? 

For one, consumers nowadays have more disposable cash and people's taste have evolved into those rich and genuine flavors. 

Secondly, more investors are out and they are also out with their ideas to make their better-pizza concept a reality. Implementations of authentic pies and better looking ones are a must. 

Third, restaurant owners of these fast casual restaurants have been using their expertise and experiences in the field to keep things interesting for consumers. They know very well how to make things better and since they own the shop, they become very involved in the artisanal-pizza business. 

And lastly, the fourth reason, the market for pizza lovers and consumers are magnetized to the difference. For instance, a Pizza Industry Council was born in February by National Restaurant Association and aims to make pizza operations serve better. 

Though it will take a whole lot more of effort and time before fast casual pizzerias reach pizza chain's growth, such as those of Pizza Hut's 13,000 restaurants world wide, consumers are leaning forward to the authentic ones!
Posted by Diane Araga, on April 26, 2013 at 7:00 AM