Trending Unexpected Toppings

Spicy hot red pepper flakes have been an acquired taste since it was introduced to the taste buds of eaters but now, that heat is a growing trend among hungry tongues. 

Sunburn Pizza is one of the pies that spicy lovers should try at Slyce Pizza Bar. This pizzeria is said to be a fusion of Indian flavors and Florida tastes, which basically is just a hot thing! 

“We sell 60 to 70 of The Sunburn pizzas per week,” said owner Ken Gillespie says. “In fact, some of our customers drive more than 100 miles for it.” 

Compromised of hot sopressata, cajun sausage, hot Italian sausage, pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, green olives, fresh serrano chilies and green onions, this pie is just really all about the spice! 

But if you don't like spicy pies and would rather eat breakfast food, eggs could be the topping for you. 

Yolk eggs and melted cheese create a savory dish that pizzerias start to use as an added offer in their menus. Just like Soleto Trattoria and Pizza Bar's Potato, bacon and egg pie. 

This Los Angeles based restaurant just recently opened about a year ago but the recipe for the egg pizza is already existing in Chef Sascha Lyon's mind for 20 years, which was also inspired by a New Year's eve pizza experience from his friend's mother. 

Going back to the healthy vegetable toppings, Brussels Sprouts are also sprouting out of the market trend among pizza flavors. 

Motorino Pizza offers such pizza in New York and Hong Kong, which surprisingly sells around a thousand a week! It has become popular among ladies as he introduces the brussel sprouts with fior di latte, smoked pancetta, pecorino, extra-virgin olive oil and garlic. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 30, 2013 at 11:00 PM