Trivia: 42 Gallons for a Slice

Did you know that we need over 42 gallons to make one slice of pizza? But we don't really put every liquid substance in a bowl, it's actually compressed in the various ingredients that we place in it. 

For instance, over 18 gallons are used to make the flour, 21 gallons are used for the cheese and 2.5 gallons for the sauce. Surprisingly the sauce had the least amount of water but it's evident on being liquid. 

So in a summary, a slice of pizza actually costs a lot more water than we think and GRACE Communication Foundation has recognized that food, water and energy are connected. By knowing so, the sustainability of the human race in the world depends on water, hence consuming it better would make the world more sustainable. 

Those states that have less water see the importance of it as the source of life and has connected that it sustains energy in living forms but distributing water in drought areas is difficult. To provide water all over the state such as California, over 20% of energy is needed. Pizza must also be scarce here too if water is so difficult to find. 

Throwing out left overs also waste so much water as much as 1/4 of the water in the whole country. This means, eat the whole pizza or else water is thrown out! 

Conserving water is indeed a job to be done everyday and must be a continuous conscious act. The best way to achieve it is through simple ways such as reducing food waste, buying less and freezing excess, less purchases of bottled water, avoid unnecessary purchases and of course valuing the source of energy builders like farmers.

Pizza may look like a food that consumes only a few gallons but wasting a few slices or bites can waste a lot of water if everything put together. So the conclusion: finish your pizza!
Posted by Diane Araga, on February 10, 2014 at 9:00 AM