Try Argentine Pizza

When Italians immigrated to Argentina, they created a pizza style that is their own. The Del Campo chef, Victor Albisu is ready to show residents of D.C. what Argentine pizza is like.

Fugazzeta is one of his creations that is like a cross between Italian focaccia and deep dish pizza. It has a thick crust, no sauce, a layer of provolone, some mozzarella and lightly charred sweet onions to finish it off.

With a price of $18, it’s a great choice for those coming to Del Campo to watch the World Cup matches. Other pizzas on the Del Campo menu include one with mortadella, olive, provolone and smoked tomato. There is also an asado meat pizza that has chorizo, short rib, sweetbreads, chimichurri and rapini. Albisu is also developing a bone marrow pizza.

Del Campo has also recently opened a pisco bar on their patio. There guests can choose selections like a pisco sour or a pisco bloody Mary.

Posted on June 3, 2014 at 10:00 AM