Tweet Denies Government Pizza

If you missed this, you should read it! It's one of the most hilarious political news in pizza. 

Back when the government had a shut down and everyone else was getting affected by this unbelievable budget based dilemma, Baltimore and Washington restaurants had also reacted differently. 

As they tweet to their loyal customers and announce their promotions, the restaurants found in these areas have supported workers in government. Just like Range, Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurant that offered free pies to those who were laid off. 

The tweet stated: “free Govt Cheese Pizza w/ID starting today until it's over.” - See more at: 

But it was then followed up with another tweet that directly mocked the government: “Forgot to mention... members of congress not eligible until you get your s--- together on the Govt. Cheese pizza give away.”

On other news update, the government seems to  be having a pizza party as it continues to operate now. Some reviews and critics state that the pizza ended the government shutdown. The debt ceiling was raised as the compromise of both republicans and democrats. This compromised decision was made after consuming a bunch of pizzas. 

Maybe the disagreements were just a result of hunger? 
Posted by Diane Araga, on November 2, 2013 at 11:00 AM