Unique Hot City Pizza Grows in Popularity

Hot City Pizza is rising in popularity, despite some quirky facts that might imply otherwise.

The space for dining is small and does not display any particular effort in interior design. The answering machine message for the restaurant is not current and the sign out front says Garibaldi’s instead of Hot City Pizza. Despite these potential issues, the restaurant is doing well with its unique combination of both good pizza and good beer.

Hot City Pizza serves whole-wheat crust in a variety of menu choices. (They do offer a gluten free option as well.) Their Angry Pig pizza is known for its extreme spiciness. The pizza sports fresh jalapenos, an andouille sausage and a marinara chili sauce. Their Buffalo Chicken pizza comes with a creamy garlic sauce, Buffalo sauce, bacon and bleu cheese. The Luau pizza includes a double serving of pineapple. They also offer vegetarian pizzas like their Big Green Veggie with a pesto sauce.

There are 14 beers on tap, but they change frequently. The choices usually include local options, a few sours, some American options and some imported European beers.

Those who are willing to put up for the ‘dive’ atmosphere can expect to be rewarded with very satisfying food and drink options.



Posted on September 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM