Unique Pizza Promotion

Music City Pizza in Nashville is offering a unique promotion. You’ll receive a vinyl record with your pizza order.

The restaurant has joined forces with United Record Pressing. It is the first of what the restaurant hopes will be multiple music promotions offered along with their pizza. Music City Pizza has 1,500 vinyl records that they’ll be giving away to customers receiving pizza deliveries. The artists featured on the records are varied and the vinyl deliveries will be random.

Owner Keith Hayman says, “Hopefully our customers will pass along the music, share their experience and be inspired to go to the local record stores.”

In the future, Hayman hopes they can partner with others in the music industry to offer items like digital downloads and tickets as part of their pizza promotions.

“The intent is to never have a cost to the person receiving delivery, but they can always receive fun stuff. The opportunities are endless,” said Hayman.

Music City Pizza opened in 2013.

Posted on September 9, 2014 at 10:00 AM