Unknown Existing Pies: Ravioli Pizza

It won't be a question that ravioli has been available in different forms and flavors, especially now that some brands have released canned ravioli! But what we don't know is the genuine ravioli pizza that is Long Island's feature. It's not from a can or from a microwavable, rather something from scratch at Rosa's found in Huntington. 

This pizza joint has been the talk of the town where a cheese pizza slice means classic tender goodness of a true pie. This place was also known to be one of those few pizzerias that served pizzas topped with caesar salads, chicken roll and of course, a very intriguing ravioli pizza. 

Locals around Long Island have been craving for such wonderful dish and enjoying every bite. The Ravioli pizza has decent crisp curst on the bottom in thickness just appropriate to the sweet sauce and topped with cheese so flavorful in its ricotta type of cheese.  

It's not like the regular kind of ravioli on pizza, its not pasta on pizza either. Its simply ravioli pizza. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on January 23, 2014 at 9:00 AM