Unknown Reason: Thrillist Makes Weid Pie Combinations

The amazing Domino's Pizza has been demolished when this happened but I'm curious at what the testers have to say about the combinations. Topping pizza with other dishes, such as doughnuts, ice cream or sushi isn't exactly innovating but there are a few people who are willing to do it! 

For the trial, pineapple wasn't enough so the curators thought of adding the following dishes as toppings: 
Jelly "cronuts"
Mac & cheese
An ice cream sundae
Fried chicken
Eggs over easy
Sushi (sashimi and rolls)

The results: 

1. Artichoke Pizza is not really something different now as some chefs already use it in their recipes but for some weird reason, the testers made it wrong taking it as an overwhelming ingredient to add in their pie. It had too much sourness and was a very earthy taste. 

2. Jelly Cronut Pizza is amazingly delicious as the judges of the taste test stated. As surprising as it may sound, the pizza and the sweet cronut made a great sweet and savory mix that could actually be feasible. If it was released publicly, it could come as "Crizza" although its not certain which pizza shop dares to commercially make this possible. 

3. Mac and Cheese pizza makes pizza overly done. Aside from the fact that each dish already has too much cheese as it is, the combination made it impossible for some eaters to finish one slice. Though some thought it was good as they both have one common denominator - cheese! 

4. Ice cream pizza was made to be a sweet dessert shaped like a pizza, not a literally made cheesy pie topped with something sweet. The combination however, worked for some curators as they find the sweet and salty taste interesting. Bad news for the ice cream: it doesn't work for long term relationships.

5. Fried Chicken Pizza is just like having a chicken topped pie that everybody will like. Of course the salty mix won't be hard to agree upon and the spicy breading compliments the sweet tangy tomato sauce. If it was a new menu item, this could be it! 

6. Eggs was also something common to the market already as there are already pizzerias offering breakfast pies with eggs already in the equation. Of course, like any other it was an acquired taste, especially the texture that it features - slimy and messy! 

7. Sushi Pizza was not really a complete success for the testers as the whole dish combination became a mess. Cheese with raw things isn't exactly the perfect combination of good textures.
Posted by Diane Araga, on February 1, 2014 at 9:00 AM