Unpaid Intern On Pizza Ads

Roberta’s pizza may have been cutting off too obvious with labour payments as they outrageously advertise the need for unpaid interns that will be responsible in taking care of their garden. The local pizza shop has been accused of exploiting workers due to their careless cry.

The job advertisement is found online with the description "commit 16 hours a week for two months" without compensation.

It not only produced bad reactions but it also formed an angry mob that posted flyers all over town.

"Roberta's Pizza, the thriving trendy pizza restaurant on Moore Street that has played host to the Clintons among a number of notable guests, is attempting to profit off of free labor of so-called 'interns' in running their kitchen garden," as stated in the flyer and it continues with "For having already contributed so greatly to damaging the gentrification of Bushwick, is Roberta's so greedy as to expoit workers and flout labor laws, just to save a few measly bucks an hour?"

The Craiglist job posting ad was already removed but the job post is still available in other sites.

"Please be able to commit 16 hours a week for two months," the posting reads. "Compensation is learning how to run an urban farm for a restaurant, being in a very fun environment, working with creative chefs, meeting other urban farmers and getting acquainted with NY's farming community."

But this time, the owner indicates that the compensation now includes free pizza for lunch.

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 10, 2013 at 10:00 AM