Video Conference Makes Pizza Business Attractive

Why do technologies make businesses look good? Because technology nowadays lean more on the relationship side than the marketing. Influence is now converted into connection which has resulted to greater persuasions. 

Just like this tactic called video conference, skype, facebook, spreecast, zoom and google hangouts have made it possible for a large number of people to interact and make relationships even without facing them personally. It could be video chats, simple chats, or just online calls. These tools have allowed customer profiles to be viewed, interactions and of course discovering more from customers through this online customer service. 

What are the difference of these video conferences and how does it affect the pizza business? 

Well, each pizzeria has their own specialty and their own focus. The area will also determine which video conference will be best used. More people using the same kind of video conference application, the higher preference for this tool! 

Most efficient in video chats is Hangouts, Google's product for connectivity. Over ten people could be placed in the video chat conference and unlimited people can comment. 

With this kind of technology, businesses do not need to personally and physically be there, spending a ton of money to visit and make sure customers are happy. Meetings could be done at the convenience of the home and multi tasking could be much more possible! 

This era has introduced "human media" which would also be like customer service but through online face-to-face chat. This has allowed faster transactions and less hassle to everyone, especially those pizza businesses who want to improve!
Posted by Diane Araga, on December 9, 2013 at 12:00 PM